Is it all worth it in the end?

This question has deep meanings, if you are saying ”it is” probably you are heart-guided person. However, if you said ”it is not” welcome to my new broken friend. Let’s hug!..

Relationships are full of emotions, sometimes you feel love, but other times maybe you feel mercy, or hate, or regret. Today, I felt regret for once in my 24 years lifetime. Have you ever spent your last money to flight just to see him/her? Have you ever tried as hard as you can, just to be his/her beside? Have you ever swallowed every lie that he/she said because you loved? Have you ever tried to trust someone again and again, while you know he/she will never change? Have you ever moved another city just bcause he/she needs you beside? Have you ever believed someone who always lie or untrustful? Have someone ever said that you did not want from his/her perspective? Have you ever be the girl/boy who only wanna fuck as fuckbuddy when you are deeply in love with her/him? Have you ever flew 2 hours just to see him/ her while he/she was texting and sexting with one of your friend? Have you ever be unwanted after all the things that you’ve done for him/her?

I did. All of them. I trusted, I moved another city, I loved, I hated, I believed, but he make me disappointed again and again. I made my mistakes. For now, I will shut my mouth and watch what will happen. I have two path in front of me, I will live like ”sex and the city Carrie life” or I will care myself more than I care the person who did not even love me.


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